Data Mart for Excel is a reporting product service provided by Caratrel Consultants Pty Ltd.  

Caratrel Consultants Pty Ltd have been providing IT consultancy since 1995 and is a member of Oracle Gold Partner Network, IBM PartnerWorld, and Microsoft Partner Network. Our industry partnership with multiple vendors reflects our commitment for Datamart4Excel to provide enterprise reporting intelligence from all data sources and ERP infrastructures (DB2, Oracle DB, MS SQL, SAP R/3, Oracle eBS, QSP e5, and other tier one GLs). We have over 50 years combined experience in the IT industry. Caratrel has provided IT consultancy to large companies including:

  1. Large Public Companies,
  2. Insurers, and
  3. Banks

Our client accountants are enthusiastic and absolutely love the Data Marts created and customised for their specific Financials application. Our product service is currently used by accountants, IT analysts and business users because we strive to create a collaboration tool that can be deployed throughout the enterprise.


If you would like more information about Datamart4Excel contact us through our Contact Us page:
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"SQL has functional core, imperative shell."

SQL can be thought of as a functional programming language because it embraces core concepts of functional programming:
1. Functions are  first-class citizens - the basic unit of purpose of SQL SELECT is to return a result set, and
2. Purity - the SQL SELECT code always returns the same results for the same database, and
3. Immutability of SELECT - The SQL SELECT command does not change the database contents.

However, SQL is limited only to the above concepts. D4E now extends these core concepts to include:
4. Higher-order functions - SQL that operate/create other SQL via a text substitution feature for composition and combination, and

5. Creating new higher-order functions - specialized text substitution features can be introduced via functions (including recursion).

Consider the following D4E app definitions in the Object Editor:
Object Editor(1)>Name = "myapp1"
Object Editor(1)>Query>Source = "select supplier_index from supp_table where supplier_name = 'Apple'  "
Object Editor(1)>Play>resultset = 5 (top 1 result of executing above SQL)

D4E provides additional higher-order composition/combination via a <<text substitution>> feature that returns enriched SQL functions:
Object Editor(2)>Name = "myapp2"
Object Editor(2)>Query>Source = "select * from prod_table where column
<<lookup,myapp1>> like 'iPhones%'  "
Object Editor(2)>Play>resultset = values returned by executing SQL code "select * from prod_table where column5 like 'iPhones%'  "

The final SQL code for myapp2 is generated only by executing an existing app myapp1 with it's SQL code. This is similar to dynamic embedded SQL but with added advantages like improved performance when used with D4E's concurrent background processes..

See also suggested techniques of functional programming for SQL.

The unique selling point of Datamart4Excel (D4E) is the ability to provide users with unlimited filters when extracting data. Accessing any database by itself is quite easy and is already available to end-users via Excel's Get External Data function. However D4E's unlimited filters utilises the user-friendly mechanisms of comma-delimited list of criteria, from-to ranges, wild characters, and unlimited combinations thereof - much of which do not translate easily to SQL without advanced parsing and variable replacement technology.

To create Datamart4Excel with its unique selling point, the authors based it on their previous original work on compiler design and programming language interpretation. The authors had previously developed parsing and recursion technology to create a recursive version of the FORTRAN language which they called NFOR. This unique and world-class technology has been repeatedly proven and tested with other application software found in several large companies.

Today, this parsing and recursion technology forms the main software code behind Datamart4Excel.