2.  Corporate Single User (USD $499)  -  Includes single-user license to use all datamart programs and libraries against any data including corporate production data. Click below to buy the Corporate Single User license:

Individual one-year licenses are available to buy now:
1.  Professional Developer (USD $49)  -  Includes single-user license to create and maintain program libraries; and use against any data except corporate production data. Click below to buy the Profession Developer license:

(When you click Buy Now, you will be transferred to the PayPal website for checkout.  When payment is completed, the license key will be sent to your nominated email address.  Please allow up to 24-48 hours as the license key will be customised to your email address.)

For volume company purchases and server versions, order our fully customised product service by giving us your details through our Contact Us page and we will respond to your request. 

Let us develop a customised Data Mart reporting tool for you.   We provide the following customised services: 

  1. Provide Excel reports from your data source
  2. Create menus in your MS Excel clients
  3. Create SQL programs to access your ODBC databases
  4. Training
  5. Ongoing consultation
  6. On-site maintenance and support
  7. Server management, remote monitoring and support, database management and integrity

Your name and details can appear in the Excel menus, if you purchase the fully customised version.

Before purchasing our software, we recommend that you download our free trial demo service of a reporting tool for Oracle eBusiness Suite - Financials.  We will assist with connection issues to make sure that you can connect to data sources in your test environment. Typically, you will need to install ODBC drivers to be able to connect to various data sources and ERPs.

If you are using Oracle eBusiness Suite - Financials, you will be able to actually connect and generate extract files from your General Ledger.  If you do not have Oracle eBusiness Suite, you will not be able to generate files, but you will still be able to see the Excel menus created and appreciate how the accountant can utilise Excel navigation to get GL balances and transactions.

Then, Purchase our Fully Customised Service

Once you have seen the trial software you may purchase license keys to unlock and fully customise the software.  The trial software displays frequent confirmation messages and lacks some advanced features.  Contact us for pricing information on a full reporting service.  

Or, Try Some More with a Free 30-day Evaluation License
If you would like to evaluate the software without the recurring message prompts, you can apply for a free and unrestricted 30-day evaluation license.  Go to Contact Us page for instructions on how to order the free evaluation license.