Welcome to News and Awards.  Watch this space for the latest activities involving Data Mart for Excel. Below you may find some events and exhibitions that also are a good market place for tools and solutions similar to Datamart4Excel that may be of interest to anyone in the organization.

Congratulations to Data Mart for Excel !!!   The product has been selected as 25 Most Promising Oracle Solutions for 2016 as announced in the APAC CIO Outlook Magazine (Issue February 2016, pp 14-16).  more

Thank you to all our customers. We now have customers from over 27 countries who have installed our products and we hope to have more coming.

Our website and products have reached millions of web users over 100 countries!

Our Facebook page has proven to be very popular (with over 40,000 Likes) as the first point of contact for our Facebook friends. It also contains some news and description of new features.  more

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Below are the latest articles from our eMagazine section. 

Data Mart for Excel: Fostering Progress through Data Discovery

"Data Mart for Excel stands out from its industry peers through its focus on speed and efficiency in delivering excel data directly to the end consumers thereby providing full transparency." This article explains how D4E was included in 25 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers in 2016.  more

Using Excel for Business Intelligence and ERP Software - Are You Really Using Excel?
"Many ERP Systems and Business Intelligence vendors will claim their product interoperates with Excel all the time when in fact this operation only involves some form of extract and copy into Excel. Vendors and product presenters are perplexed when, after a thorough Business Intelligence or ERP software presentation mentioning Excel one-click downloads/extracts/reporting at numerous times, the accountants in the room will still say, 'I wish I can do all that in Excel'." This article will try to uncover what accountants mean by this.  more

Spreadsheet Overload - How can we minimize it?
"Years ago, spreadsheet overload was defined as using spreadsheets effectively as data bases to store substantial amounts of organizational information.  Maintenance and reporting of such data quickly got out of control as data grew.  With the ease of use and easy availability of robust data bases and data storage solutions,  it is easy to accept that spreadsheet overload should be a thing of the past.  At the very least personal data bases, such as MS Access can be used to store information instead of Excel spreadsheets.  Does spreadsheet overload still happen in organizations?"  This article will discuss the possible causes that create spreadsheet overload even in today's general availability of data bases and Business Intelligence tools.  coming soon...
Data Collection versus Data Analysis - Are you functioning at 80/20 ratio?
"Finance accountants today spend more time doing data collection rather than data analysis.  It is commonly accepted that up to 80% of Finance function's resources are spent on data collection time.  These are resources that could be spent more on analysing accounting information and to help management guide the business.   ERP Systems and Business Intelligence (BI) tools have been proposed to help compress both data collection and data analysis time."  This article will try to explain some of the common issues that can be encountered.  coming soon...
Additional articles are currently being reviewed and will be published soon.