This is a limited trial version of Datamart4Excel (aka D4E, Data Mart for Excel, Data Robots for Excellence). You must not use the trial version in a production environment without permission. A normal full license may revert to a trial version, if the main user license or any product license has expired or in any way become invalid. Please visit www.datamart4excel.com and contact us for pricing information to use the full version. You accept that the software program for Datamart4Excel belongs to Caratrel Consultants Pty Ltd. You may not de-compile, de-obfuscate, adapt, translate, or otherwise change Datamart4Excel into any other software program or format. You shall not use trial versions of the software or product libraries in a production environment. You shall not use Datamart4Excel and its license files for any purpose or in any manner other than its intended purpose. You shall not allow Datamart4Excel license files to be used by anyone other than its registered owner. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Datamart4Excel and its authors, against any claim resulting from loss of any kind as a result of using Datamart4Excel.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  (By downloading our software, you hereby agree to the conditions of use above.)

 D4E Secure Package    (Download, save, then rename file as, e.g., setup.exe - before executing.) 

(We regularly submit our software to Microsoft to ensure it is not flagged as malware. If your anti-virus software prevents installation, please ensure you have the latest anti-virus definitions and try again. If you get a message Windows protected your PC - click on More info and Run anyway.)

Default installation will copy files to %APPDATA%\D4E\ folder and create suitable shortcuts on the desktop. Requires Excel 2010 or later, and relevant ERP package or database with ODBC drivers installed.

Try our demo reporting tool for Oracle eBusiness Suite Financials, MYOB AccountRight Premier, QuickBooks from Intuit, or Microsoft Dynamics. The package also includes a Simple GL demo database that you can use to learn how to navigate menus, extract data, run formatted reports, create new reports and create your own data marts for new reports.