Data Mart for Excel: Fostering Progress through Data Discovery

Reprinted with permission from APAC CIO OUTLOOK Magazine [Special Issue February 2016]

The database could arguably be considered as the pinnacle of business technology and has aided many a company in sorting their business clutter and managing their data. The excel database has been a popular draw amongst companies of all verticals. Since its inception its launch in 1993 by Microsoft many IT companies have taken it upon themselves to customise the software and its applications to optimize its use and derive better results from the software. Data Mart for Excel is one such company that has been at the forefront of delivering excel database related services to the corporate sector for over half a decade. The company first took shape as a compilation of mainframe tools  that aided in the extraction of DB2 files which were further processed into excel files in one easy to use process. This method helped the  company garner huge success early on as it enabled accountants to analyse and manipulate mainframe data using powerful excel functions.  Despite its early success, the tool’s major function which was limited to pulling from mainframe and pushing to exchange, lost its charm amongst users who favoured an excel based tool that could interact with the oracle database to derive data directly. After several  modifications on the original database tool, Data Mart launched D4E which was completely excel based and enabled them to extract data  directly from the Oracle e-Business suite applications and related databases via OBDC connectivity. “As a modern tool, it uses Excel ribbons and add-in VBA code to deliver functionality without embedding any user defined formulas or code in user spreadsheets,” elaborates Antonio Elinon, Managing Director, Data Mart for Excel.

The D4E tool was a landmark achievement for accounting technology as it changed the way the accounting process was handled. The tool provided financial control over accounting data through the add-in based extract capability rendered by the D4E. Despite its various advantages D4E is not invulnerable to the threat of becoming obsolete and incapable of coping with the demand for further financial control introduced by SOX and other regulations. To cope with the standards suggested by these regulations, Data Mart aligns to the latest excel versions to ensure that D4E users are able adapt to the financial controls while reaping the benefits of optimized excel services. The automation UDA’s is one of the company’s core competencies and has been instrumental in communicating the various aspects of User Developed Applications to the consumers. Data Mart’s proficiency in delivering an excel tool that is user-friendly, powerful and effective has made the company a top draw in the market amongst consumers who seek to procure excel services.

Data Mart stands out from its industry peers through its focus on speed and efficiency in delivering excel data directly to the end consumers thereby providing full transparency. “D4E is unique in how it focuses on turning Excel into a true apps system, where each app is a complete data mart delivering corporate data directly to Excel and into the finger tips of accountants,” elaborates Elinon. This has earned the company, the loyalty of long term clients who prefer the ease and comfort offered by D4E’s services for all their excel needs. Even after 5 years the flexibility provided by multiple wild card parameters, has allowed the D4E app tools to remain the favored extract tool of choice, says Elinon. Having cemented its position well in the market, Data Mart plans to maintain its modern approach of using Excel ribbon menus and add-ins to maintain a steady growth aligned with the growth of Excel usage within the accounting space.

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