D4E is the tool for digital data analytics because it provides business intelligence and enterprise reporting capabilities that inter-operate with MS Office and web servers. 

You can use any web development platform (ASP.NET, Java, PHP) to interface with D4E servers.  Learn more by looking closely at D4E servers and a sample web application project.

By allowing for VBA code and macros, D4E servers become true Excel servers (not limited to Excel Services "managed server-side UDFs").  D4E servers can run in high-performance computing (HPC) platforms and yet require only simple configuration and Excel programming. D4E servers can be exposed to both fully digital data analytics web platforms as well as enterprise-secured end-user Excel sessions.

Digital Data Analytics


Would you like to transform to fully digital data analytics by interfacing your web apps with the D4E server?

Have zero footprint to data analytics by using a web browser to display data processed by Excel and D4E.  Use mobile devices for displaying D4E results with real-time information from databases.  Prevent code corruption and misuse of your applications by using browsers, and yet get the best that Excel can provide in executing your Excel UDAs.