Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


D4E can validate the unified data warehouse of an AI company via self-service data discovery.  True AI companies not only have traditional tech tools and large neural networks- but also have strategic data acquision, unified data warehouse, pervasive automation, and new ways of describing how data is transformed within the product development life cycle.

Can you demonstrate that you have a true AI company, by demonstrating a unified data warehouse?  D4E can provide your engineers and end-users a self-service data discovery tool where you can deliver DWH info into a common environment for study (by product managers) and subsequent training of large neural networks (by engineers).  The familiar environment of Excel will enable new forms of conversations between product managers and engineers that will lead to strategic data acquisitions and pervasive automations.

D4E is for your machine learning and AI efforts because it supports enterprise self-service data discovery capability integrated into BAU world of Excel.  The outcomes of these data discoveries and conversations will inform the training and validation of large neural networks and AI systems.

Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Does the prospect of implementing UDA's in a Robotic Process Automation solution present you with the problem of either -  amplifying the faults inherent in the UDA's, or, expensive pre-work in re-engineering business processes to remove UDA's?

UDA's are calculative software designed and created under less than ideal standards.  When they have to be incorporated in fast-moving automated processes (RPA), quality issues tend to be amplified.  If you want to replace issue-laden UDA's with cost-effective enterprise quality apps prior to incorporating in RPA solutions, then D4E is the tool to help you achieve better ROI on your RPA projects.

D4E is for your process automation because it supports BI and enterprise reporting capability integrated into MS Office.  The resulting apps are quick, easy and reliable to incorporate in automation solutions.  RPA solutions can easily and consistently be trained to execute Data Robots to simulate human behavior processes flawlessly.

Data Managers / Data Owners


As Data Managers and Data Owners do you manage multiple data platforms (for data warehouses, data lakes, data clouds) and use different data tools to access each data source? Wouldn’t you like to have a common integrated tool to view/update your raw data and metadata from different platforms to establish where data is coming from and where it is moving to.

Empower yourself by using a secured tool to access data using MS 365 Excel and sharing this tool with project teams and end-users to manage data lineage and prove data provenance between product systems and financial accounting. Implement security controls using the data user id profiles and not have to worry about releasing multiple proprietary tools to inexperienced users.  

Without programming effort, create D4E apps that can use parameters to read and update data in conjunction with database owners.  Assist data owners and developers by populating critical tables using Excel instead of repeated UPDATE/INSERT commands. With D4E you can use Excel to replace different SQL assistants; use Excel apps to replace SQL programming; and use Excel worksheets for all data extracts and even database updates.

Immediately report and analyse application data securely from any database or ERP (IBM DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, or SAP). With D4E apps linked directly to the data sources, you can analyse and compare between production and test data, new and legacy data, pre- and post-migration data, as well as between entirely different production applications.