Transform to fully digital data analytics by interfacing your web servers with Excel D4E servers.

Apply strong finance and risk controls for all user-developed applications (UDA's) by converting to a single enterprise repository.

WHY DATA mart for Excel

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As an enterprise platform, D4E manages apps built for integration with MS 365 that replace UDA's and user VBA. Effectively, you can "compile" and re-platform existing UDA's, VBA, PowerBI, SQL, and macros in an secured app store that is separate from any user files; and yet can be used as easily as before in Excel via ribbon menus. With D4E, you can build self-service data discovery tools that access ODBC databases (Oracle, DB2, Teradata, MS SQL).

Are you using a supporting tool, or an enterprise system?

Allow business users who are subject matter-rich but SQL-poor to report securely from data warehouses or data lakes.

Sox auditors

Use D4E to validate data  between applications and DWH. As a common tool, D4E will give a common answer from all sources.


  • "D4E can make it easy to maintain hundreds of apps stored in one location."
  • "We use D4E more than we use the original vendor supplied enquiry tools."
  • "D4E output sheets do not use vendor formulas (UDFs) and so can be refreshed/ transported as part of an end-to-end solution."

YOUR CURRENT UDA's Are end-user computing TOOLs that support FINANCE & IT FOR: 

-   Data Storage,

-   CALCULATIVE Processes,

-   Data Visualization,

-   High-Fidelity Reporting.

However, continuous use of end-user maintained supporting tools in Finance is not SOX/ICOFR-compliant and ultimately results in "Excel hell".  D4E provides a systems solution that eliminates end-user maintenance of Excel-based tools by:-
- moving all Excel calculative processes and ETL to the enterprise environment via an external apps store,

- moving all Excel permanent data storage to enterprise databases,
- allowing only non-update user reporting (e.g., data visualization, what-ifs, high fidelity presentation) in Excel, and

- replacing an unlimited number of UDAs (e.g., Excel macros, MS Access, SQL scripts) with a single integrated system hosted in Excel.

3rd-party solutions that address UDA's today completely miss the point that many users still want to use Excel wholly.  These 3rd-party solutions are typically bolted to 3rd-party GL's and DB's; and therefore want to completely replace/remove Excel out of the loop (and then only provide a last-minute download of the final output to Excel.)

Award News !!!

  • D4E wins award as Oracle Solutions provider!


SOlve the 80/20 dilemma of time spent on data gathering VS. data analysis by USING INNOVATIVE tools to COMPRESS reporting TIMES.

D4E can be part of an enterprise data architecture such as:-

- Core Enterprise Systems (Oracle GL, DW, CRM, Cloud Data),

- Tools for data transformation and delivery (BI tools, PEGA, Informatica, Microstrategy, D4E), and

- Tactical solutions to meet ad-hoc reporting needs (Oracle FSG, TM1, Solvexia, D4E).




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D4E is a self-service data discovery tool for Business and Finance that is completely hosted in MS Excel (via ribbon menus) but utilizes innovative enterprise-level data and programming functions.

Create secure Data Mart apps that can understand your Financials,
replace your UDA's, and be used by accountants, data analysts, or business users.

D4E can be set up as a zero-footprint enterprise tool to run queries faster, improve productivity, and save on expensive per-user licensing.

Use PowerBI with D4E Now!

Execute M code that reads a COVID-19 website. Enterprise manage that M code using D4E's secure app store.

The problem with many 3rd-party solutions is that: a) the company is unable to utilize the mass of Excel expertise from new employees or from the web, b) current Excel experts are forced to abandon their chosen expertise and be limited to what is currently provided by the 3rd-party tool, and c) finally the company is forced to a migration path with the 3rd-party vendor in the foreseeable future.

D4E keeps all end-user Excel functionality but only elevates data retrieval functions to align with enterprise data strategy and governance (including change control, accuracy, security, disaster recovery and service level agreement), thereby mobilizing Excel's strengths in user-friendliness, deep end-user experience, presentation and what-if analysis. As a result, your critical VBA or SQL code or PowerBI M-queries or DB credentials, are now converted and re-homed (still editable via change control). End-user applications will be subject to the same robust data and logic controls as the rest of the enterprise financial reporting process.

As a best compromise, it is also possible to allow expert Excel users to the D4E development tools, and deploy 3rd-party tools (and D4E-developed apps) to basic users only.

STILL COncerned about GOVERNANCE AND security? 

D4E Add-in (a secured DLL based on C/C++) software does not contain enterprise code or data. All enterprise code is stored securely in a separate location and application users can be vetted using their Windows profile (i.e., corporate Userid/Password). In addition, D4E projects/applications are developed to use an application DB userid/password that is encrypted and only available internally in D4E. This allows for safe execution of tested SQL commands on high-performance production databases including cloud environments.  Although a DB userid/password is used in an ODBC connection; through encryption, the userid/password is known only to the D4E project/application. This way, the security support team will be able to own and maintain passwords seamlessly without impacting the end-user or automated operations. Furthermore, D4E provides API calls that can be used by ordinary VBA programmers to read databases (via dmarts from the D4E Apps Store) - using the same process above. This means that with slight tweaks, new VBA applications can conform to the highest levels of governance and security in the enterprise.